Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today the Weber State Wildcat football team surmounted a hurdle that it hasn't crossed for many, many years. On a rain drenched field it defeated the University of Montana Grizzlies 45 to 28. It was a magnificent win even though it rained throughout the entire game.

IThe went to the game alone. Shelley wasn't feeling particularly well --- she's been having trouble with pain and tingling in her legs, behind her knees and down her calves. Anyway, I took my raincoat and wore my blue sweats. I wore my blue jacket underneath my raincoat. I got drenched and about froze to death.

Coach McBride is a hero. He helps his players tremendously. He sticks up for them and encourages them to complete their studies and get their degree. Plus, he knows how to win.

Tonight we watched Iron Man. Brent chose it as one of the movies he wanted to watch that Shelley got for him. He liked it a lot and it was pretty good for its genre. I liked the ending.

Monday is the chapter meeting of the Wasatch Writers of the League of Utah Writers. Those who attend are supposed to bring the first page of something they're working on, and the meeting will be about whether or not the piece has a good hook and proper mechanical makeup for a beginning. I need to decide whether I will take something from Parker Miller or from Alejandro.

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