Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My proof copy for Making Expression Less Taxing, a Freelancers Tax Resource arrived in the mail today. It looks pretty good. There are a few mistakes I made. Apparently I didn't stretch the orange color far enough up to cover the top of the book. Also, on the cover I put the price at $17.95 instead of $15.95. I left the word out on the back. I said, "Let Walt help you get all you were entitled to and how to rest assured you won't get in trouble with the IRS." It should read "... entitled to and learn how to rest assured..." Inside there are a few minor errors, but they seem minor. Overall, I'm pretty impressed and am tempted just to go ahead and let it stand for now on, etc.

I showed it to my wife and Mike, my son. They seemed somewhat impressed; my son, Mike, even said he was, "duly impressed." I guess I'll take it to critiquing tomorrow night to see what folks think and to Wasatch Writers next Monday. Mike asked me what else I had in the mill. I told them I had another book finished but still: undergoing revision. I told him I had entered it in a contest but the results of the contest wouldn't come out until next spring sometime.

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