Monday, October 6, 2008


This lady called me the other night while we were watching the movie, Iron Man.

The lady asked if I was related to the man named Walter who grew up down by 18th Street on Lincoln Avenue in Ogden. I said that I was his son. She wondered if my father was still alive, and I told her he had passed away.

The lady said that she was trying to find my sister, Marsha. She identified herself as Clara Denver, and said that she was 91 years old. She said she knew all of the Eddys who grew up down on Lincoln. She said she knew my dad and his sisters, Eva, Tilly, and Jean. She mentioned George Eddy. Anyway, the reason she said she was trying to find my sister, Marsha, was because her brother, Eldon Denver, was Marsha's biological father.

My mother married Eldon Denver and had Marsha. Then she divorced Eldon and married my dad. My father adopted Marsha. In any event, Clara said that she had been doing genealogy, but most of her family wasn't interested in it. She was trying to contact Marsha, and so I told her I hadn't seen Marsha for a couple of years. (I guess it hasn't been quite that long ago.) I don't know where she is now or what she's up to. Perhaps she still around, and the only way I guess I could find out would be to try and find out from Jackie. I gave Clara Jackie's last name and her husband's name.

There were some peculiarities about the call. The woman didn't seem like she was 91. Her voice didn't sound that old. Also, the voice sounded similar to my sister's voice. My mother's brother's name was Eldon. My mother's mother's name was Clara.

It was a peculiar phone call.

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