Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the complexity of being. I'm sure others feel that way too. Often the sense of feeling overwhelmed is only overcome by taking the first step, whatever that step might be.

We had a significant, early snowfall last night, probably six inches or so, and now, as I look out the window, I notice that it is snowing again. I went out earlier and shoveled the driveway and the walkways. This snow should continue off and on most of the rest of the day but then wane. The rest of the week should be better. The temperature should increase enough to melt it. On Thursday, workers are supposed to come and put up the awning over the deck and put on new rain gutters.

I started reading and editing Julie's 100 pages last night. She is writing about a high school girl of privilege in Manhattan who is more or less ignored by her mother, and academician who is often away from home. The girl has become pregnant and seeks to keep it a secret from her parents and others. The situation jeopardizes her admittance into Columbia University because it will be difficult to keep up her stellar academic performance and outside interests, such as student government and tennis.

Confucius said 2500 years ago: "The superior man is distressed by his lack of ability."

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