Monday, October 27, 2008


This Halloween Hannah will be a fairy. Piper is going to be a cowgirl. They came to visit this last Saturday, all decked out in their costumes to show us. We had Papa Murphy's pizza, and the little girls played vigorously outside alone, with Mike, with Grandma, and with their mother and grandmother together. Grandma gave them new toys to play with --- spaghetti kids I think they were called. Piper played with the toys for quite a while all alone while Hannah played outside. Hannah ate her pizza but Piper wouldn't. Finally, Piper ate part of some string cheese.

On Sunday I went to show Debbie and Alan where Kay's Creek Trail is. Later, Shelly and I took Asia and we went there and walked.

The Nielsens, the neighbors behind us, had a haunted forest party last Friday night. They had worked on it for a couple of days before hand and we heard screeching and yelling and cavorting over there Friday night. All kinds of music and frivolity.

Mike raked up leaves and loaded up several large bags, including three smaller bags designed like pumpkins.

Somebody is burning wood tonight in a wood burning stove, I suppose. Or Nielsens are having an outdoor fire. I could smell it because, it was warm, and I opened my window to cool things down.

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