Friday, October 3, 2008


It was a Friday that should've been a Monday. At least, that's the way I felt. It seemed like everything went wrong. I had anticipated getting up and getting the pages I had to scan scanned. I tried that, but something wasn't working right. Eventually, I discovered that the Internet wasn't connected and it was causing problems because the program couldn't check in with its website or whatever. Anyway, I waited, anticipating that the problem was on Microsoft's end and not mine. By midday I had decided differently, and Shelley was fed up with not having Internet service so she actually called Qwest. When she couldn't answer the technician's questions, I had to take over the call. I'm still not certain what actually caused the problem but they started going through their list, written as it is and read in their mechanical way, to troubleshoot. After disconnecting the other phone connections, except for the one I was speaking on, the connection began working again. Thereafter I ended up hooking up the phone connections again, and so far I haven't had any further glitches. Anyway, during the course of our discussion on the telephone, the technician suggested she would call on my cell phone, and when she attempted to do so, she indicated that wasn't working. So what ensued after the Internet connection was corrected was another two-hour stint on the telephone with a technician relative to my cell phone. All with the result that they couldn't fix it and had to do a "ticket" with the promise of getting it fixed within the next 48 hours, which, because it was the weekend, actually means by Monday. That, even though it was only midday or a little after on Friday. So much for "within the next 48 hours" promises.

CreateSpace promised to have my Kindle version of Making Expression Less Taxing available within a maximum of 72 hours. I don't think they met their commitment either.

I finally got to watch the movie The Kite Runner. I read the book when it first came out and was anxious to see the movie sometime. Shelley picked it up when she went to get rent some movies to watch earlier this week. I was not at all disappointed in the movie. In fact, it was probably more touching than the book because of the immediacy of the story and the greater visual impact of a film.

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