Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In my conceptualization of a story about undocumented immigrants, I formulated a protagonist of 12 years of age named Alejandro. Because Alejandro and his family came to the United States undocumented shortly after his birth, Alejandro has had to remain submissive throughout his short life. Alejandro must be meek, if you will. It is a necessity for him and his family in the United States to submit to authority. Not only has it been required throughout their 12 years in the United States, but it becomes much more so the case as the political heat against undocumented immigration increases over time. At the same time that Alejandro had to remain submissive or meek, his underlying personality included a desire to perform and entertain others.

Being meek conflicts with Alejandro's desire to be an actor or performer. A person who is meek is patient and humble; the meek person is gentle and is usually imposed upon by others.

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