Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It looks like the mood of the country, with its growing hostility toward undocumented workers, and the increasing difficulties relative to the economy are causing the immigrants from Mexico and other places who are here in the United States without documentation to return to where they came from in greater numbers. I suppose it all depends on the conditions back where they came from. It makes me wonder how many people are left here and what their situations are. With respect to Alejandro, the protagonist of my conceived young adult novel, it makes me wonder what his family would be doing. If you have lived here in the states undocumented for 11 or 12 years what would you do when the heat was turned up like it has been of late? I will have to return to the story and figure out what happens. I should also figure out what is happening with Parker Miller. All of that has been left on the back burner too long.

Today I checked on for Making Expression Less Taxing. It is listed there are and there is an icon for it, but is not yet available. Interested parties can sign up to be notified when it is ready. Therefore, I anticipate that there will be ready soon. Hopefully by tomorrow.

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