Thursday, May 14, 2009


In the future with respect to energy we need a new paradigm, one that allows us to think differently than we have about energy before. We need to think the impossible is possible, not that that is a new notion but that it is a new notion over against our prior thinking that we thought we had enough energy that we didn't need to worry about it or about the consequences of its use for a long, long time.

They say we need to worry about CO2 emissions, among other problems. There is now what they call carbon capture and storage technology that captures CO2 and stores it underground where they say it will be safe. Somehow I'm skeptical about it being safe there underground, but what do I know? Particularly am I worried when those working on capturing and storing it are trying to make money. You always have to be worried about those motivated by money and allied with oil companies that helped create the existing problems. They have big bucks to advertise and market themselves and to make their enterprises shine, even though its past actions may have been dull and scary.

So we as a culture are deciding to shrug off fossil fuels --- at least, we have decided to make the attempt to do so, to make them so yesterday. And now, again, we will be looking to the sun for energy and to the wind and who knows where else? In the eighties, I tried to do my part by purchasing a solar panel that was supposed to reduce the heat bill of our house in Boise. It cost a lot and yielded little, if anything in savings.

We have scientists hurrying off to the Arctic and Antarctic to study the ice and the meltwater from glaciers to validate their theories that there is global warming or to discover new theories about liquid water dynamics in the Antarctic where H2O is usually solid.

"Green" is the biggest new buzzword. You've got to use it if you're in marketing and advertising. Even a surge protection and battery backup for your computer has to be green. Even if it's made to look black with white writing and its black holes to accommodate your plug-ins. Green. I think I'll make this posting green.

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