Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Correlation?

I haven't felt that well most of today. Headache, almost on the verge of nausea, that sort of stuff. A little achy. The symptoms have waned as the hours have passed. Now it is 10:30 PM, almost bedtime, and I'm almost back to normal. Hooray.

My inclination is to believe it had something to do with a change in the weather. It had been stormier the past few days leading up to today. Today was more settled, more constant. Anyway, it seemed like my body needed to adjust to it, to the change in the weather. The reason I believe this is so is because I have experienced this kind of headache and other symptoms before. It seems to have some correlation with a change in the weather. I haven't done any study, made any notes, kept any calendar. It is just, I guess you could say, an intuition, my intuition. Man's intuition? This man's intuition.

On the other hand, yesterday, my wife seemed to have similar symptoms. So is she just out ahead of the game, more sensitive to a change than I? It appears that way. But it is just a feeling, an intuition, my idea. Nothing scientific. Nothing certain.

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Anonymous said...

Good one on Intuition and it helps a lot.

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