Monday, May 18, 2009

Berated by a Hummingbird

I love this time of year, especially looking out my window. The Gambel Oaks are as beautiful as they can be; their new leaves are almost perfect with that spring green, which is closer to yellow than blue on the spectrum. The sky is blue. The day is warm. Life has returned and is burgeoning. It is truly inspiring, especially for one as old and feeling as decrepit as I sometimes do.

The birds flock to the feeder and we've had the usual profusion. One day, in the kitchen looking out the window while visiting with our daughter, Amy, when the weather was still relatively cool and verging on rain, a hummingbird showed up, incredulous. It hovered there, an inch from the windowsill as if to say, "Didn't you have a hummingbird feeder here last year? Could you please find it and put some tasty nectar in it? What's wrong with you, anyway?"

Tonight is the third Monday book reading club and we meet at Barnes & Noble. The book we will be discussing tonight is Rabbit, Run by John Updike. The person who selected that book to read for this month --- she selected it probably because Updike had recently died and the death had been given quite a bit of press time in the news --- will not be there. A couple of other people have indicated they, also, won't be able to attend. I read the book probably in the eighties, but didn't like it and therefore never read anything else by John Updike, at least that I can remember that I did. His worldview, at least in the book, and mine didn't match.

It is also the final episode of 24 for this season. Shelley made double sure I had it scheduled to record. She can't miss it! Now watch, something will go wrong, and it won't record and then will we do?

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