Friday, November 28, 2008


"Time is out." The guy said time was out. During the football game, they said that, as if it had no significance whatsoever. And for everybody listening, perhaps but me, it had no significance. It occurred to me at the time, however, how we layer time. And it stuck with me until now.

We have the time that passes throughout the period of the game that includes all time and then the time during which the game actually stops because somebody calls timeout. You see, it is kind of layered, one thing on top of another, or one thing below another. Time marches on whether we layer it or not though. If we call time out, time isn't out; it goes on as it always does. It doesn't stop. It marches on as though it has no limitations. It isn't limited by lack of energy or lack of spirit. It just goes on and on and on. It is the proverbial perpetual motion machine of perpetual motion machines. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me like that before. Time is never out. Call timeout, and technically it has no effect whatsoever.

Well, what a silly little thing to contemplate or to fuss about. There's nothing to be done about it. You just can't stop it. Yet, we try to utilize our time to the best effect. As I said, we try to layer it. We have several things measured in time going on simultaneously. That is, things that we particularly focus on as opposed to those that we don't. For in truth, everything that goes on is encapsulated in the selfsame time. What I do; what you do; what somebody else does.

What if we were on different time. Our universe was on one time and there was a parallel one on a different time. Is that possible? Perhaps these things are fundamental and I am just unaware of them.

Another thing, time seems to go at the same rate. What if time varied in its rate of passage? Slow it down, speed it up.

Weird thoughts that indicate how ignorant I am of time. I usually don't have time to think about it. Ha ha!

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