Friday, November 21, 2008


I had a bad cold, one that felt more like the flu than a cold. That's my excuse; take it or leave it.

Tomorrow I guess you could say is the biggest Saturday in football in Utah for a long time. At least, that's my humble observation. First of all, the Weber State Wildcats play Eastern Washington at noon for the outright championship of the Big Sky Conference --- to complete the season undefeated in the conference. (Weber State lost to Utah and University of Hawaii.) After that they will play in the postseason playoffs. It is perhaps the best they have ever done. Ron McBride is their coach, an old gentleman who defines the word. The game starts at noon and we plan to be there.

Then, after Weber State plays, we will return home and tune in to watch the University of Utah play Brigham Young University. University of Utah is undefeated this year and ranked seventh in the nation on the BCS rankings. If it wins, it is assured to have a bid to play in a BCS bowl. That means big bucks and greater recognition. Plus, there is the indescribable rivalry between the two schools. BYU has lost, I believe, just one game -- to TCU, a team Utah beat. Barely. And as I recall TCU rather clobbered BYU. That game starts at 4 PM. So you can see, most of my day tomorrow will be consumed in football. So that will be my excuse tomorrow.

None of this is particularly profound although it is insightful of my interests. One of my major flaws, if you look at it in a certain way, and who doesn't, is that I have interests that go off in so many different directions I never seem to find my focus and hone in on it. Or is that just an excuse? See, you can always question it and wonder, and so often I do. See what I mean? Off in every different direction.


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