Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night Vision

How amazing is the world we live in and the developments we make! Now developers are honing in on night vision drops. You pop a pill or squeeze some drops into your eyes and it's nighttime vision and not go-to-sleep time. A particular deep-sea fish, that will remain unnamed here, can see red light. Now, remember there is a spectrum of different light, but this particular fish --- I think they may call it the dragonfish, I know I'm going back on my promise by giving it a name --- is involved. So anyway, a scientist figured out what chemical was responsible for the ability of the fish to see red and found out it was chlorophyll. Yeah, I know, chlorophyll as in what plants generate in photosynthesis. So further experimentation led to information that chlorophyll enables the eyes to double their ability to see in low light. VoilĂ  night vision.

I think people should sleep at night. I prefer it that way, myself, and it irritates me knowing people are out prowling under the cover of darkness. Before they developed night vision, they developed several sleep aids. I suggest those who want to prowl at night check out a good sleep aid. Oh, did I mention. It's the military that's highly interested in night vision drops for the eyes. What a surprise.

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