Monday, December 8, 2008


I can buy into conspiracy theory. When I contemplate the current economic meltdown, it is easy enough to put the blame on the rich and powerful, to believe or to think that they have manipulated things in order to humble the middle and lower classes, as if those folks in those echelons weren't already humble enough. Of late, a considerable segment of society has observed the growing disparity between the wealth of the rich and the middle and lower classes, how it is a gap that is widening exponentially. It's as if the wealthy and rich elite need to knock down the masses a notch or two

In such circumstances, with our government printing out money left and right and giving it to financial institutions without seeming limits, and now even giving it to manufacturers with it apparent that the auto makers will get their billions, too, it is easy enough to believe the rich and powerful are out to get us. I say us, because I fall into those categories that exclude the rich and powerful.

Fortunately, it appears that we have elected a leader --- Barack Obama --- equal to the task of taking on the rich and powerful. I pray that it isn't just an appearance alone, but a reality. So many people are praying and hoping the same thing. It is as if we stand at that proverbial crossroads relative to our nation's dominant position in the world. Not only is our position at risk, but the lives and security of so many of our people are threatened.

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