Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day with Little Accomplished, but Oh What a Day!

It has been a long day with little accomplished. In our lives it seems like there are far too many days like that. Well, perhaps I shouldn't use the word 'our,' but 'my.' But seriously, doesn't it seem like some days are just wasted.

However, once you start contemplating it, no day is truly wasted. No day you can experience the phenomenal aspects of living and sensing the data that is out there for you or me to enjoy is wasted. Can anyone adequately capture the wonder of the human eye and what it is capable of capturing in vision? Or the sounds, whether it's the chirp of the bird at the end of the day saying goodnight, the hum of the fan in the computer keeping things from getting too heated, or the sound of the television in the other room.

Not only do we experience the sensory data our faculties collect, but we are able to analyze it and integrated into our lives. So I am so thankful even though it wasn't the best of days, and it seems I didn't accomplish much of anything at all.

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