Friday, February 20, 2009


There is so much unemployment out there in the wide world of today. It makes me worried and feel thankful to be retired. I am glad I selected to work in government. Although it has many drawbacks, it has also many advantages and I loved the work I did. I'm glad I don't have to look for employment now though. The job situation is tenuous, to say the least, and it seems to grow worse every day.

Becoming unemployed causes problem not only for the person who loses his or her job, but for all of the people affected by the loss: dependents, the government who now has to pay some kind of welfare or out of work compensation, the relatives and/or friends who have to help support the person out of work and his or her dependents. The ramifications don't end there either. All of society is affected. It is a personal problem, but it is also a financial burden upon society.

The person who loses a job probably feels some degree of loss of identity. They may become depressed and they may lose touch with society , work associates, and others who previously helped them get along in the world and feel good about themselves.

I guess the bottom line is to ask a question: what causes such a chain reaction in society that leads to financial dilemmas? It seems a lot like greed and avarice. People want money, things, financial security, to lord it over others who don't have as much. They want such power and position so much so that they are willing to sacrifice their personal and societal morals.

Two youngsters look at me. One is feminine and the other is male.

The female is attired skimpily, her upper body mostly bare except where the law prohibits its public exposure. Her hair is shaved except for a mohawk, leaving a strip of hair bleached blonde and died with a red or pinkish tint. Her hair is not naturally blonde. She appears to be quite attractive, except for the accoutrements that "decorate" her: a myriad of pierced ear rings along the entire edge of her visible ear, a nose ring, a chain around her neck, and the metal lobe on its stud poked through her outstretched tongue.

Her male friend -- I assume he is a friend, for they are head to head and shoulder to shoulder -- has the top of his head wrapped in a scarf, his eyes hidden behind massive dark glasses, and his torso cloaked in a black T-shirt with lettering on it. It says "body" and then something else illegible below, hidden by his folded, tattooed arms. His tongue, too, is outstretched to display its piercing and the knob .

The unemployed. Prideful people, unprepared for the greed and avarice of those who control their lives.

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