Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I must be a big wuss.

My heart just doesn't have the hardness it should have, according to so many people in the United States.

It seems one janitor of 31 arrested during immigration raids in Rhode Island escaped deportation back to Guatemala and was granted asylum based upon domestic abuse in her home country.

I applaud that decision.

However, respondents to a story reporting the news mostly thought it was just terrible that she received asylum and wasn't being deported. That despite the fact that her husband back in Guatemala had constantly beaten her, had put her in the hospital with a broken foot, with a broken skull, and had knocked out her teeth, etc.

The insane man had also burned her possessions and had kept her penned up inside, threatening to kill her if she ever left him.

She did leave him, leaving behind her mother and three children, and sneaked into the United States, undocumented. So INS apparently wanted to deport her, send her back to her hell.

The complaints of the respondents: her case will open the floodgates of other women, including abused Muslim women; it will drain the state of funds; such judges as this one should be thrown off the bench.

Harden my heart. My mind can't wrap itself around such cruely.

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