Friday, January 8, 2010

Writer 's Advantage

Do you think that writers have an advantage over non-writers when it comes to conversations? That is, are writers more articulate verbally?

I think that may be true, however, I don't think it's true in every case.

For example, I'm not particularly chatty. I like to analyze my words and syntax more than the rapid pace of any normal conversation permits. On the other hand, my analysis and effort in composing words on the page pay off by growing vocabulary and an ultimate ability to better organize sentences and paragraphs.

Maybe that's my imagination, though, that it makes for better writing but not necessarily better conversations with other people on the fly.

It makes me wonder where the ability to be chatty stems from. Is it innate, or at just what stage does it seem to develop?

One observation I made involved my father. When he was married to my mother, who I believe was more like me --- less chatty, he, too, seemed less chatty. However, after my mother died, and my father remarried, he became more chatty consistent with the woman he married, Rita.

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