Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo Again November 12th

Mary Lou found the article most interesting, conservative accountant that she was, but she was even more interested in seeing what the newspaper's readers thought about the situation. Of course, such information wasn't contained in the newspaper, but she knew that almost every newspaper now had an online presence, and many of them permitted readers to participate by commenting online on their articles.

The break room where Mary Lou had gotten her coffee and had seen and then read the article conveniently had a computer terminal intended for the personal use of the employees while they were taking a break or having lunch. Nobody was sitting at the computer at the moment, though, so Mary Lou sat down in front of the display and typed the name of the newspaper and part of the article's title into a Google search engine.

The article came up in a long list of hits, typical of Google searches, and she clicked what appeared to be its direct link. After the article loaded and she saw it was the article she had read, she went to the bottom of the article, where she found another link that enabled her, if she desired it, to read all 112 comments that had been submitted by readers up to that point.

She wanted mostly to get some sense of the readers' opinions about the county's choice to have some of its law enforcement employees assist ICE and it having to pay funds to incarcerate the jailed illegal immigrants so found without a greater reimbursement from the federal government.

The first reader said, in part, "It's the immigration of ILLEGAL ALIENS that's the problem, not the program. The program likely saves ten-fold the cost, because it locks away criminals who would otherwise be driving drunk and killing legal U.S. citizens or selling drugs, kidnapping, or committing other acts of violence." The commenter chided the newspaper, saying it must have outsourced the article's editing to those less hard on undocumented immigrants.

Another commenter said, "San BeanerDino county is now 50% mexican so is riverside county. The city of San BeanerDino itself is half illegals that's what is such a hellhole here." The next commenter said, " the federal government dumps on local government and allows for no enforcement of laws nor do they provide funding. stupid politicians are in it for votes. they don't care about mexicans or canadians or americans. just kissing rear end of the next potential voting block. we don't need reform. we need enforcement of the laws." Commenter called undocumented immigrants, ". . . the 500 pound gorilla in the room, and millions of invading, plundering, welfare loving, prolific breeding, Illegal Aliens taking millions of jobs that should be American jobs and 100,s billions of dollars in social services that should be for American citizens!"

As Mary Lou read down through the entries, it didn't seem to get much better. Another commenter called the politicians traitors.

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