Saturday, June 6, 2009



Adaptation is a characteristic of existence. I recognize it in my own life and actions. I read an article about fighting malaria. Mankind has known how to prevent and treat malaria for a long time. Over time, scientists have developed a large contingency of means to combat it. The pesky little parasite, the mosquito, has evolved, however, adapting to overcome whatever adversary we throw at it, and it keeps on adapting. No wonder they call it a pest.

One of the things adaptation does is to cause other things to adapt too. It is all interconnected. Because the mosquito carries malaria and it makes a man sick, mankind decided it needed to figure out how to combat it. As the mosquito adapts to whatever man figures out,

We need each other. There is no need not to give feedback, even if some people deride it. Feedback and push back permits adaptation and adaptation in false progress.

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